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The 7 Principles of Engagement and Impact to build deeper partnerships (A MUST READ)

Do you know what are some of the factors that might be hindering the growth of your organization, compromising your partnerships, and eventually resulting in stagnation?

This e-book outlines the 7 Principles of Engagement and Impact that deliver Authenticity, Credibility, and Trust to help you create deeper connections with your partners and stimulate growth in your organization.

This is a MUST READ for any community leader, NGO founders, and management level leaders.


My advocacy journey can be traced to a single event when I was just 17 years old. During my recovery from a severe gunshot injury to the head, I was forced to become my biggest advocate and educator for gun violence prevention and community health. I recall being mishandled or manhandled, at many access points of care: whether it was at home, school, in the community, or public institutions.

As a result of the mistreatment I experienced, I became committed to becoming an advocate for myself and others who may lack the knowledge, connections, or tools when it comes to interactions with public institutions and communities.

This commitment to public service led to my professional experience of being a public affairs and communications advisor to institutions.

I leverage my unique background as a grassroots leader in community and government affairs, which enables me to be a well-positioned bridge between the community, government, non-profits organizations, and businesses.

Through my consulting and public speaking, I help institutions and private companies improve their social impact through authentic engagement. With authenticity, trust, and credibility we can deliver results that make a difference.


“Help the world gain wisdom and insights that facilitate social progress and reduce harm.”

The Bridge Advisory Group helps nonprofits and private companies connect, communicate and understand their community stakeholders through authentic engagement. Authentic engagement leads to results that increase in trust and credibility.

I do it better than anyone else in the world because of my “Beyond The Bridge of Engagement” formula that helps to break down silos, effectively address inequities to collectively align clients needs and action with their community partners.

We specialize in working with public serving nonprofits and companies including academic and medical thought-leaders, advocacy groups, philanthropic organizations, and big brands.

Our expertise is centered by the marriage of elevating Social Impact and Engagement with Trust & Credibility whether that is through our fully managed private client work, our consulting, our intensive training events, or keynote speaking.

Together We Can Be More.


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