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The 7 Principles of Engagement and Impact to build deeper partnerships (A MUST READ)

Do you know what are some of the factors that might be hindering the growth of your organization, compromising your partnerships, and eventually resulting in stagnation?

This e-book outlines the 7 Principles of Engagement and Impact that deliver Authenticity, Credibility, and Trust to help you create deeper connections with your partners and stimulate growth in your organization.

This is a MUST READ for any community leader, NGO founders, and management level leaders.


My advocacy journey can be traced to a single event when I was just 17 years old. During my recovery from a severe gunshot injury to the head, I was forced to become my biggest advocate and educator for gun violence prevention and community health. I recall being mishandled or manhandled, at many access points of care: whether it was at home, school, in the community, or public institutions.

As a result of the mistreatment I experienced, I became committed to becoming an advocate for myself and others who may lack the knowledge, connections, or tools when it comes to interactions with public institutions and communities.

This commitment to public service led to my professional experience of being a public affairs and communications advisor to institutions.

I leverage my unique background as a grassroots leader in community and government affairs, which enables me to be a well-positioned bridge between the community, government, non-profits organizations, and businesses.

Through my consulting and public speaking, I help institutions and private companies improve their social impact through authentic engagement. With authenticity, trust, and credibility we can deliver results that make a difference.


“Help the world gain wisdom and insights that facilitate social progress and reduce harm.”

The Bridge Advisory Group helps nonprofits and private companies connect, communicate and understand their community stakeholders through authentic engagement. Authentic engagement leads to results that increase in trust and credibility.

I do it better than anyone else in the world because of my “Beyond The Bridge of Engagement” formula that helps to break down silos, effectively address inequities to collectively align clients needs and action with their community partners.

We specialize in working with public serving nonprofits and companies including academic and medical thought-leaders, advocacy groups, philanthropic organizations, and big brands.

Our expertise is centered by the marriage of elevating Social Impact and Engagement with Trust & Credibility whether that is through our fully managed private client work, our consulting, our intensive training events, or keynote speaking.

Together We Can Be More.

How We Do It

“Partnerships are like bank accounts, you cannot withdraw more than you deposit.”

DeJuan Patterson collaborates with clients to create transformative value through consulting, public speaking, and facilitating. His Beyond The Bridge of Engagement approach is simple.

Build A Bridge

Our services develop pathways with core values of intentionality, community, and empowerment.

Identify The Destination

We work together to identify a tailored solution aligned with your organizational priorities and your stakeholders' needs.

Arrive With Results Together

We deliver results of social innovation, connecting purpose-driven people, and empowering the people our clients serve.


Communicate & Produce waves of social innovation

  • Understand Risk of Undesirable Outcomes
  • Respect of Cultural Differences and Best Practices


Bridge meaningful partnerships & perspectives

  • Become A Valued & Trusted Partner
  • Maintain cultural values and integrity


Facilitate growth & impact

  • Increase trust & credibility among partners
  • Co-create equitable returns on investment


Are you looking for a champion to be the bridge that provides advice, consultancy, and best-in-class

strategies to support your social impact, engagement or communication strategies?

Consulting & Advisory

“Let’s Get There Together!”

Want to work directly with DeJuan as your advisor to provide direct insight on how you can get even better results? Then Consulting & Advisory options are perfect for you.

Speaking & Facilitation

“Compelling. Transformative. Actionable."

Want someone that combines knowledge, powerful messages, and engagement with actionable takeaways to create a transformational experience for you, your audience and your organization? Then speaking and facilitation options are perfect for you.

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Client Testimonials

A key objective with the East Baltimore Research Project has been to center equity in research and build capacity so that the residents of East Baltimore not only have access to research but have the opportunity to define what, how and why research is conducted. DeJuan has brought his keen ability to understand the perspectives of others and to see both the connections among individuals and the bigger picture to find ways of bringing together these diverse perspectives into a stronger whole. Among his contributions to the team is his commitment to equity and inclusion, which is evident in his continuous advocacy of those voices that are most marginalized.

Kimberly A. Spring

Director, Research and Evaluation Annie E. Casey Foundation

Working with The Bridge Advisory Group helps the PATIENTS Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore feel more confident that we are getting people's authentic perspectives rather than just hearing what community members think we want to hear.

Without The Bridge Advisory Group, we would be engaging the same group of patients and community members we have contacted in the past; expanding the diversity of perspectives is critical to assuring that every voice is heard and has an impact.

C. Daniel Mullins, PhD

Professor and Chair
University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy, PHSR Department The PATIENTS Program

As a Casey Foundation program officer for economic opportunity in Baltimore City, I worked on two projects with DeJuan: a participatory research project focused on understanding what young people need and desire in terms of employment, education and training and a consulting engagement focused on helping a Board Youth Committee become more equitable and inclusive of youth voice, engagement and leadership. My favorite part of working with DeJuan is his intimate and deep knowledge of youth engagement and leadership in the context of workforce development. I thoroughly appreciated his thought partnership and work on these two projects as I use both to help drive my investment decisions in Baltimore.

Sara K. Muempfer

Senior Associate for Economic Opportunity,
Baltimore Civic Site Center for Civic Sites and Community Change The
Annie E. Casey Foundation

In terms of the two projects that DeJuan consulted on for the Foundation, the benefits are numerous. I can share a bit from each project:

Participatory Research Project- based on the research from both corner conversations and focus groups with young people in Baltimore City, a set of 11 recommendations arose as to how stakeholders in the workforce ecosystem should focus their time, resources and investments. The recommendations came directly from young people, not guesses or in a vacuum from adults. DeJuan's significant contribution to this project not only assisted me as a Program Officer in terms of where to make investments regarding youth workforce development, but the work has influenced other program officers, workforce practitioners and stakeholders.

Sara K. Muempfer

Senior Associate for Economic Opportunity,
Baltimore Civic Site Center for Civic Sites and Community Change The
Annie E. Casey Foundation

Youth Committee Consulting Engagement- this work focused on how to make the Baltimore Workforce Development Board's Youth Committee more inclusive of youth voice, engagement and leadership. Because of DeJuan's deep understanding of systems, he knows that an equitable and empowered youth voice is of critical importance to workforce development programming for young people in Baltimore. He was able to provide the Youth Committee with tangible recommendations about how to build a body that centers youth voice and decision making. To date, the Youth Committee has 6 young people that are compensated for their time, sitting at the table in leadership roles and helping to move the work forward.

Sara K. Muempfer

Senior Associate for Economic Opportunity,
Baltimore Civic Site Center for Civic Sites and Community Change The
Annie E. Casey Foundation

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